Curate your data contributions

Anyone can contribute data to NGDS by establishing web-accessible data resource(s) and then submitting metadata record(s) to a registered NGDS node. Metadata submitted to a registered node will be harvested by the NGDS portal, thereby becoming part of the NGDS catalog. Participants may also contribute data by installing and configuring a Node-in-a-box built on the CKAN platform. Users who choose to install the Node-in-a-box will independently self-host their own data, making it available to the NGDS network through common standards and protocols. NGDS offers numerous opportunities to developers who want to use this data to create specific applications. Please see the Develop with NGDS page for more information.

Retain Data Ownership

NGDS is designed from the ground up to allow contributors/nodes to maintain ownership and control of their data. It is the responsibility of the data provider to maintain the information they publish and look after its long-term stewardship.

Metadata records listed in the NGDS metadata catalog are publicly accessible, allowing anyone to learn of the existence of an NGDS information resource and the license under which the described resource can be viewed, distributed, and reused. Information on supported licenses can be found at the following locations: