Utah FORGE Roosevelt Hot Springs Well Data for Student Competition Acord 1-26_digitized_geophysical_well_log.las

Friday, January 4, 2019 1:51 pm

Well 58-32 (previously labeled MU-ESW1) was drilled near Milford Utah during Phase 2B of the FORGE Project to confirm geothermal reservoir characteristics met requirements for the final FORGE site.

Well Accord-1 was drilled decades ago for geothermal exploration purposes. While the conditions encountered in the well were not suitable for developing a conventional hydrothermal system, the information obtained suggested the region may be suitable for an enhanced geothermal system.

Geophysical well logs were collected in both wells to obtain useful information regarding there nature of the subsurface materials. For the recent testing of 58-32, the Utah FORGE Project contracted with the well services company Schlumberger to collect the well logs. See the readme.txt file for complete discussion of the data included in this file