Geothermal Analysis Resources

Tools and techniques for geothermal development are quickly being built to best utilize the resources provided by NGDS. The Play Fairways Analysis teams are working on novel exploration and development analyses specifically with NGDS data, and those grant products will be showcased here upon completion.

Current tools and resources with which NGDS is compatible can be found below.

Geothermal Exploration

The following tools and resources can be used to facilitate your geothermal exploration.

NREL Geothermal Prospector: A Web-accessible mapping tool developed for the geothermal power industry. This tool is designed to provide easy access to geothermal resource datasets and other data relevant to utility-scale geothermal power projects. Geothermal Prospector can load NGDS Web Map Services (WMS) and Web Feature Services (WFS) to facilitate exploration—e.g., Reservoir models.

NGDS Data Explorer: A Web application designed to load and display NGDS WFS from a text or location search. When a WFS has been loaded, a user can then export attributes (standardized data) from this service as an HTML table, CSV file, or Microsoft Excel workbook. Please note that the user can load more than one WFS at a time.


The following tools, models, and resources can be used to predict and provide information about the costs of geothermal development.

  • GeoFRAT: Geothermal Financial Risk Classification and Assessment Tool (GeoFRAT) is an NGDS application that helps users assess the resource potential and financial risks that may be associated with producing electricity from a given geothermal resource. When used in conjunction with other widgets and tools such as GETEM, GeoFRAT can help you conduct detailed risk analysis for a geothermal resource development project.
  • Geothermal Electricity Technology Evaluation Model (GETEM): This tool models the estimated performance and costs of currently available U.S. geothermal power systems. GETEM can analyze and evaluate currently available technologies and estimate the cost of certain technologies five to 20 years in the future. The model is intended to help the Geothermal Technologies Office (GTO) determine which proposed RD&D programs and projects offer the greatest prospective return on investment (ROI).

State Geological Survey Web Map Applications

 Many independent web applications and tools can use NGDS GIS data, due to its interoperability standard. A number of state surveys are supporting NGDS GIS data with their own online tools: