Success Stories

What is the success of National Geothermal Data System (NGDS)? It is in the immense nationwide data compilation and standardization, the ease of access of those data and data products to spur geothermal energy development and research, and in the collective enhancement of NGDS partners' technical capability and capacity to continue to produce and disseminate this data and develop tools for its use. Highlights of research and development successes from the NGDS partners are outlined in the Atlas, which is an illustrated guide to the AASG State Geothermal Data project-related outcomes of the NGDS. Research and development continues from private and public industries relying on the resources of the NGDS.

NGDS partners who have excelled due to their being a node in this system are quite varied, but a few are highlighted below.



Hawai’i Groundwater & Geothermal Resources Center

See explicit NGDS contributions from the University of Hawai’I at Manoa’s work at various project and historical sites below. Hawai'i also serves as a node in NGDS.

Indiana Geological Survey Geothermal Information

The following are websites provided by Shawn Naylor at the Indiana Geological Survey NGDS node:

See the Geothermal Analysis Resources and GIS Resources pages to view various Web Map Applications built by NGDS partners, which grew from and support this effort but have also expanded to fit the goals of individual nodes.