Snake River Plain Geothermal Play Fairway Analysis - Phase 1 KMZ files Lake Burley Seds Polygon.kmz

Wednesday, May 15, 2019 6:42 pm

This dataset contain raw data files in kmz files (Google Earth georeference format). These files include volcanic vent locations and age, the distribution of fine-grained lacustrine sediments (which act as both a seal and an insulating layer for hydrothermal fluids), and post-Miocene faults compiled from the Idaho Geological Survey, the USGS Quaternary Fault database, and unpublished mapping.

It also contains the Composite Common Risk Segment Map created during Phase 1 studies, as well as a file with locations of select deep wells used to interrogate the subsurface. Distribution of lacustrine sediments deposited by paleo-Lake Burley.

Based on water well logs from IDWR, compiled by Neal Farmer

Wells show that ancient Lake Burley extended north just past the topographic scarp of lava flows from Kimama Butte, and east to just past upper end of current Lake Walcott.

Sediments up to 750 feet thick just north of current Snake River, but typically 100-200 feet thick farther north, at depths of 200-300 feet below surface.