Resource Analysis for Deep Direct-Use Feasibility Study in East Texas, Part 2 MEMO SMU DDU GeologicVariability-TravPeak29Jan2019.xlsx

Tuesday, July 2, 2019 3:55 pm

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Southern Methodist University Geothermal Laboratory, Eastman Chemical, Turbine Air Systems, and the Electric Power Research Institute are evaluating the feasibility of using geothermal heat to improve the efficiency of natural gas power plants. The area of interest is the Eastman Chemical plant in Longview, Texas, which is on the northwestern margin of the Sabine Uplift. Part 2 focus on:
1) Permit report and spreadsheet on Federal, State, and Local agency requirements for a geothermal deep direct-use project in the vicinity of East Texas for Harrison, Gregg, Rusk, and Panola Counties.
2) Evaluation of the Geologic Variability of Travis Peak Formation as a reservoir.
3) Updated Heat Flow Memo with additional references. Results from geological model to determine how much variation there is within the Travis Peak Formation in the area of Eastman Chemical plant. The description of the methodology is in the document: Memo SMU DDU GeologicVariabilityTesting.pdf