PoroTomo - Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) Measurements made in Brady Observation Well 56-1 channel 1_RAW.zip

Thursday, March 14, 2019 4:23 pm

This submission is a follow-up to Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) measurements made in Brady observation well 56-1 during the PoroTomo field experiment conducted in March, 2016. The measurements in this data set were made on August 24, 2018 over an approximately 20 hour period. The fiber-optic cable extends to the bottom of the well at 367 m below the wellhead. Measurements were made with a Silixa XT DTS interrogator configured to continuously record in each file a sixty-second average of stokes and anti-stokes readings on a single channel with a bottom hole U-bend. The 2016 data were collected using a Silixia Ultima with 12.5 cm spatial sampling, whereas the XT spatial sampling interval is 25 cm with a temperature resolution of 0.03 °C. Raw, uncalibrated data were converted to a single .MAT file using code provided by Oregon State University's CTEMPs https://ctemps.org/data-processing. The binary Matlab file containing processed Silixa XT data is read using the Matlab statement "load('Brady_25Aug2018_ch1.mat')", which contains the arrays below. Arrays with 2361 rows represent the channels and arrays with 1210 columns represent the one-minute samples. Silixa XT DTS raw data, each file represents a 60 second average