Great Salt Lake Composition and Rare Earth Speciation Analysis GTO_data_deposit_092017_Brine_Composition_Speciation.xlsx

Tuesday, June 19, 2018 2:01 pm

We have conducted aqueous speciation analyses of the Great Salt Lake (GSL) brine sample (Table 1) and a mock geo sample (Table 2) spiked with 1 ppb Tb and 100 ppb Tb. The GSL speciation (Figure 1) aligns with our basic speciation expectations that strong carbonate complexes would form at mid to higher pH's. Although we expected strong aqueous complexes with fluorides at neutral pH and with chlorides, and hydroxides at low pH, we observe that the dominant species in the low to mid pH range to be Tb3+ as a free ion. Still, we do see the presence of fluoride and chloride complexes within the expected low to mid pH range. Microsoft Excel spreadsheet including aqueous chemistry data and Tb speciation for Great Salt Lake brine and mock geo samples