Development of 3-D Geological Model of Tuscarora Sandstone for Feasibility of Deep Direct-Use Geothermal at West Virginia University Main Campus GRC_2018_RevisiedPaper_WVU.pdf

Thursday, November 15, 2018 4:49 pm

The subsurface uncertainty at West Virginia University Main Campus is dominated by the uncertainty in the projections of geofluid flowrate in the target formation, the Tuscarora Sandstone. In this paper, three cores from the heterogeneous reservoir, available through West Virginia Geologic and Economic Survey, are analyzed by performing core analysis using CT scanning and permeability measurements via minipermeameter. Additional geological data are collected through cores, published literature, seismic data, and nearby, existing wells to estimate thickness, fracture network configuration and geothermal gradient to minimize the uncertainty of well deliverability. Using these estimated reservoir properties; a 3D conceptual model for the proposed geothermal site is developed.

This dataset includes a GRC conference publication along with the data used to produce results explained in the paper including minipermeability measurement data for Preston -119 core and thin section analysis photos and data for Clay-513 core. Conference Paper