Publish Data by becoming a node

Deploy the USGIN software stack (GIN-stack)

  1. GIN-stack Amazon Machine Image for Amazon EC2 Server
  2. GIN-stack installation script for local Centos server

Be sure to contact NGDS Administrators to register your node by email.

Install a coupled Catalog Server and ArcGIS Server node

While any catalog server providing an OGC CSW endpoint can become a node in NGDS, we have developed documentation for implementing a USGIN-configurated catalog server through Geoportal. Please see that documentation and all necessary files at USGIN's GitHub.

Finding an Existing Node

In addition to installing and configuring a specific GIN-stack instance or registering another node, a registered user may contribute data using a public account on an existing node if permission is granted from the node owner. The data contributor is responsible for contacting the owner of the node for permission and access. A listing of available nodes, owners, and contact information is in development, but please always contact NGDS Adminstrators for more assistance or information.

What data can be added?

Four types of data may be upload. See Data Models, Exchange Methods, and Metadata page for helpful text on determining categories (tiers) of data which may be uploaded.

Having Difficulty ?

Please feel free to contact our support staff from the  contact page.