Data for Known Geothermal Resource Areas (KGRA) and Identified Hydrothermal Resource Areas (IHRA) in Southern Idaho and Southeastern Oregon Table_2_09-06-2017.pdf

Tuesday, October 2, 2018 5:15 pm

The presented database includes water chemistry data and structural rating values for various geothermal features used for performing principal component (PC) and cluster analyses work to identify promising KGRAs and IHRAs in southern Idaho and southeastern Oregon. A brief note on various KGRAs/IHRAs is also included herewith. Results of PC and cluster analyses are presented as a separate paper (Lindsey et al., 2017) that is, as of the time of this submission, in 'revision' status. It includes water chemistry and other data used for PC and cluster analyses to identify the promising under-characterized KGRAs/IHRAs in southern Idaho and southeastern Oregon.